WTFoc MK2 controller box for little focer V3.1


3D printed controller box for the little focer V3 VESC controller.

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This is a 3D printed controller box for the little focer v3.0 & v3.1 VESC controller.
Can be used to convert a Onewheel Plus or XR to a VESC board.   Also used for custom builds.
– PLA+, High impact rated PLA+ blend.   available in many color options.
– PA-CF, Nylon infused with carbon fiber.   Stronger and more heat resistant.   Only available in black.

*Printed to order and shipped within 7 days.

The connector cover is sold separately here:

Hardware kits can be purchased from Flowgliders website here:

Alternative Lid to the hardware kits above (Shipped from the US):
The box cover can be purchased from Plastic Spider’s website here:

The little forcer controller can be purchased from MakerPEV here:

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 6 × 2 in

PA6-CF : Black, PLA+ : Black, PLA+ : Bubblegum Pink, PLA+ : Gray, PC6-CF : Blemished, PLA+ : Blemished